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Indianapolis Web Design

Web design trends undergo constant change. The technical possibilities of developing better functioning and looking designs seem endless when you look back at the start of web design trends. Some styles continue to dominate the niche because they offer persistently good aesthetics and functionality.

Biggest web design trends of 2020

Dark mode
Immersive 3D elements
Imperfections that add beauty
Soft shadows
A mix of graphics and real photographs and videos
Solid white frames
Minimalistic navigation
Glowing color schemes 

Dark mode

Dark mode designs look ultra-modern and are easy on the eyes. They make small design elements and accent color pop while making the web design have a practical visual appeal. Coincidentally, dark themes fit well with the growing love for neon color schemes. Dark themes also work better in OLED screens and extend the screens’ lifespan by saving power. 

Perfected imperfections

Hand-drawn design elements add a touch of humanity and emotion to the website. Impersonal graphic designs dominate web designs because people find them appealing to the soul. 

3D elements

3D visuals are a delight to people. The current developments of technology allow designers like Golden Eye Web Design to create 3D items without top tier tools. The availability of this knowledge and software makes these designs more prevalent with small-scale agencies and freelancers.

Virtual Reality is a mainstream and cost-effective 3D technology that is yet to overtake previous 3D technologies. The growth of interactive 3D elements will break down the barrier between reality and virtual creations. The result will encourage website visitors to spend more time viewing the content. 

Soft shadows and floating objects

This trend of layers creates depth and interest to an element. You can use the effect to liven dull texts and photos to create an alive 3D appearance. Designers extend the steps by adding 2D layouts and soft drop shadows on each other. The final effect is a lightweight design with sharp classic contrasts.

Adding graphics to photos

Overlapping original graphics on real photos create an enduring visual appeal. The collage is highly preferable because it offers extra versatility. You can personalize the design to add a more personal charm that communicates the concepts of the business. 

Our Indianapolis web design service will match the illustrated graphics with the theme of the photos for an exciting brand persona. The style sways your target audience to enjoy a playful landing site and detailed illustrations that expound the sophistication of the art.

Split screen

Consider splitting the screen in the middle to convey more than one message. The captivating trend makes each half behave different. One can create asymmetry by playing with the scroll effects of each side and giving them different scroll paces. Adding a middle element creates a focal point that balances the screen.

Exposed windows and grids

Indianapolis web design involves finding inspiration in more than just technology. A website can express the artsy side regular shapes like rectangles and strokes by scattering varied sizes throughout strategic positions on the screen. The final effect is a contemporary design that highlights the building blocks of web design.