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It is difficult to analyze and choose from the large pool of talent in the design world. You could decide to go down the road of professionalism and choose an agency or opt for a freelancing designer — each of these benefits the client in different ways.

The underlying factor is that one should never choose a mediocre developer. Freelance designers do not have an obligation for the brand of the company. This setting makes them more likely to deliver poor results. It is safer and smarter if you choose a designer that will help you realize your dreams with minimal revisions and blockages.

Pros of working with a web design agency


Web design agencies have a reputation that dictates their chances of attracting future clients. They care a great deal about their online status and within the physical community. These agencies often monitor online reviews and from public platforms like Google and Facebook to ensure previous clients did not find fault with the service. The web design agency is bound to deliver more accurate results.


Web design agencies have a team of copywriters, designers, developers, and photographers. Most agencies hire these professionals based on their career history and academic excellence. Additionally, an agency that lacks some of the professionals will have on-call help to ensure a smooth continuation of the project.


Web design agencies have high budgets for project resources. They will, therefore, allocate better design materials and technology to each of the tasks. Our Indianapolis design firms have secure servers for hosting sites and enough experience to authenticate their trustworthiness.


Marketing agencies have large teams and dedicated to staff support teams. Large web design projects include a project manager who monitors the team’s progress and budget allocation. They act as the client’s point of contact and ensures that the budget caters to all discussed parts of the project.

Why you should not hire freelance designers

Low workforce

Freelancers do not have a large team behind all their design projects. It is impossible to find a designer who can work on sites, graphics, photography, and other creative areas without external help. Website design undertakes varied talent options. Hiring one freelancer means you will also hire an additional freelancer to cater to another facet of the project.

Slow execution time

Freelancers juggle multiple tasks at one given time. They may also be busy with another client’s requests while handling your project. The project may take twice as long as or longer than it would while working with Indianapolis design firms.

Low accountability

There are few public reviews of individual freelancers on both online and offline platforms. It is a risk for you to take a chance on a self-glorified designer who does not have enough reviews.

Difficult management

It will be excruciating to manage a freelance without a physical address. You may not be able to check on your work when the freelancer is challenging to reach on call and email. It will also be difficult for you to collaborate with more than one professional, who may not feel the need to pull one another’s weight to deliver a comprehensive project.