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Frequently Asked

1. How long will the creation process take?


First mock- 15 business days. Based on the info provided in the questionnaire, our developers will design a template mockup, which includes your chosen color scheme, logo, and images. We will then send over for approval. If revisions are needed, one round of revisions is preferred by replying to the email.

Second mock- 15-25 business days (not additional days, these are 10 days following the first mock). Once the first mock is approved we will build out the site and populate it with industry specific content. We will also provide industry specific images if none are supplied and then send it to you for approval. One round of revisions preferred.

Site publication - 20-25 business days. After all the deliverables have been submitted, we will complete the look and feel of the site with site optimizations tasks. Once the site is live you will receive an email with a link to the site.

(Keep in mind that this is all within a month timeframe, but will vary based on how quickly you can provide our team with the word copy and images needed)

2. How much will this cost me?

- Pricing varies depending on the desired package for the desired service. Please fill out a discovery form for further details on pricing and a formal quote.


3. Are there any charges after the initial website creation fees?

- There is a 1 year minimum commitment to management for all website purchases. Please fill out a discovery form for further details on management pricing.


4. What is included in a subscription to management?

- 24/7 customer service 

- Professional security maintenance 

- Unlimited minor improvements 


5. What entails a minor improvement to the site?

- Color scheme change

- Section addition

- Anything other than major structural (which will be determined by us) changes.


6. Will I get a percentage for referrals?

- We offer 10% for all client referrals.


7. What will you use to build the site / how will you build it?

- We build WordPress websites hosted by the Google Cloud network.


8. What if something goes wrong?

- All liabilities and “worst-cases” are outlined in the contract / Terms of Service


9. Do you offer logo creation?

- Yes, we do. Please feel free to fill out a Contact form with the project details.


10. What do you use to create logos?

- We use Adobe Photoshop to create logos.


11. Do you offer photography services?

- Yes, we do, for any pictures you'd like included on the website. Please fill out a contact form on the "Photography" page to book your shoot.

12. Do you provide "other" digital marketing services?

- At this time, Golden Eye does not provide services such as social media management, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads, but we are able to refer you to a trustworthy business who could do so.

13. What is SEO?

- SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the act of utilizing proven strategies to get your website's search engine listing to the top of search engine results, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.