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Advertising Agencies Indianapolis

Marketing extends beyond a cool campaign. The real question is whether you can demonstrate the impact of the campaigns. Agencies should be able to measure the effects of these campaigns to make a helpful demonstration to customers and partners.

Using technologies like artificial intelligence is an excellent way of demonstrating ROI. Predictive algorithms give better comparisons of work and allow the team to have a competitive edge.

Unfortunately, agencies are facing significant obstacles due to the changing algorithms of Facebook and Google. Advertising agencies in Indianapolis have mastered the art of gathering information despite the changes in considerable marketing platforms. Each agency should be able to clean and utilize the data to create impactful analytics.

Optimizing RankBrain

Search engine practices are in constant change. The best way to optimize the content is by using common tail keywords that rank your page when people use related keywords. An example is using the keyword ‘fishing skill’ instead of ‘fishing technique.’ Google will understand both terms and include different keywords for each page search. 

Optimizing Facebook’s algorithm

Facebook has changed how users see the News Feed a couple of times since its launch. Mark Zuckerberg announced that the 2018 news feed algorithm prioritizes posts from groups, friends, and family. 

The main focus of the change was to increase keenness to posts with meaningful interactions. This situation forced advertising agencies in Indianapolis and beyond to change how they brand their products and messages online.  changes its marketing tactics in the following areas.


A post with plenty of comments and likes should ignite conversations among the users. This case is only possible if the content contains quality topics that matter to the lives of your target audience.


Asking the audience to like and comment on posts is tempting when you want to ignite additional traffic. Facebook will not classify such a post as meaningful; hence it will not give it enough direction to people’s News Feed. 

The proper way of increasing engagement is by featuring topics that matter to your brand or the most recent happenings in the new. A natural way of bringing in viewers will keep you at the frontline of Facebook’s filter and work towards helping your page gain excellent views.

Live interactions

Videos become a favorite to any brand that realizes its impact on the business. Adding this type of content to your strategy gives viewers a realistic perception of your brand and helps them build trust. Host discussion topics that help them find meaning to your brand by answering the most frequently responded to questions and giving recognition to anyone who joins the chat.

Encourage the following

The visibility of your posts depends on both your efforts and the subscribers’ inclination. Advertising agencies in Indianapolis that create appealing graphics on subscription will have a stronger impact on increasing the views.

A short video that demonstrates how one can change a follow to a ‘See First’ is a neat way of helping everyone to get on board your message. GoldenEye Web Design knows how to mesh the changing landscape of Google and Facebook with marketing skills. Talk to us for further information regarding your brand and gain an exponential amount of traffic.